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Who vs. whom - if you want to sound extra smart!

An Amazing Sentence in English (not really) - Thanks to Naza McMillan for this. Please DON'T write this way!

When Your Punctuation Says It All (!) - if you want to geek out over punctuation, read this article.

The Young and the Clueless: Adventures in Grammar and Life

Comma notes - blank
Comma notes - key

Episode 1: commas

Episode 1 corrections

Make sure you know:

1. Oxford/drama comma - items in a list, even when the items are long

2. FANBOYS = coordinating conjunction comma

3. Comma splice - definition and three ways to fix

Episode 2: comma review, semicolons, colons, dashes, end punctuation

Episode 2 corrections

Punctuation Notes - review for quiz (first week of March)

Grammar review
Correct grammar review

Episode 3 - subject/verb agreement, adverbs/adjectives, absolute concepts, misplaced and dangling modifiers

Corrected Episode 3

Episode 4: pronouns

Episode 5: Run-ons and fragments

Episode 6: Conciseness and parallelism

Grammar review packet 1, including extra punctuation practice.
Grammar review packet 2: dangling modifiers, pronouns, etc.

__Short version of review document__

Practice quizzes 1 (new material only) and 2 (cumulative), similar to your quiz.
Corrections: Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.