The American Family

If Marriage Moves Beyond Our Means - how the economy and other factors affect marriage and divorce.
The Divorce Surge Is Over, But the Myth Lives On - divorce rates have dropped, at least among college-educated interesting analysis of divorce data.
Mom: The Designated Worrier - food for thought on gender roles in families.

Articles, classwork, and links about A Raisin in the Sun:

Full text - but you should still have a copy of the actual book - made of actual paper.

Notes Organizer

Coming of Age and Gender Identity (classwork)

Final Discussion Questions

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Article about Clybourne Park, a recently produced play similar to Raisin

Phylicia Rashad discusses her role in Raisin

Anthology excerpt: primary docs on A Raisin in the Sun. (Part 1 = p. 553-556. Part 2 = p. 556-end, "From The Lost City" excerpt).

NPR article on Raisin

Nemeroff's introduction to Raisin

Notes and Links for The Glass Menagerie

Full text - but you should still have a copy of the book (on paper)

The e.e. cummings poem that is quoted in the epigraph.

Reading notes and questions

Discussion Questions

"The Catastrophe of Success" Discussion Questions

Article about Williams' recent biography - he was quite a character himself!

Final Timed Essay

In-class essay tips, based on last year's performance on a slightly different topic (the American Dream, and the texts were Gatsby, Raisin, and Salesman).